Google Earth Idea

One of my ideas for my Google Earth project is to revamp an existing project. I currently teach an Introduction to Computer Science course at Perkiomen Valley High School. We spent two weeks last year introducing the evolution of computers. Specifically, we talked about some of the pioneers of the computer such as Lovelace, Jacquard, Jobs, Gate, etc. Students developed a short presentation about their inventor. It was my first year teaching the course and this is by far the student’s least favorite assignment.

My idea is to incorporate a virtual field trip that the students create about his or her inventor’s life. For instance, if the student chose Steve Jobs, they could take us to Apple HQ in California, Pixar studios, Apple manufacturing plants in China etc. Hopefully with this virtual field trip, students will have spatial recognition of how global the computer market has become in that we first start talking about small areas but larger companies use a global economy for production and sales.

Students can use Google Earth to organize their information and this will all play nicely with the existing Google Apps we have at our district.