Opening the iBook

Opening the iBooks can be accomplished in numerous ways.

The first step is to install the iBooks App from the App store. A link is available here. Once the app is installed, you can now add books from the iBookstore. Additional support is provided on Apple’s website.

Adding the iBook through iTunes:

1. Download the iBook here

2. Sync iPad via iTunes

3. In iPad section of iTunes, add the downloaded iBooks to the library of the iPad

Adding the iBooks through the link while using an iPad

1. Make sure you have iBooks installed

2. Download the iBook here and wait! Note: The file is large and depending on which iPad you are using (iPad 1, iPad 2 or iPad) the amount of time to download will vary

3. Once the file is loaded in Safari, it will ask if you want to Open in iBooks. Select this option and iBooks will install book to your library

If you having trouble adding the iBook please contact me