Implementing my action research plan began in the fall. I initially applied for a grant for a new interactive multimedia projector. Throughout the process I was met with administrative hurdles, IT department neglect and an overall sense of student excitement. My objective throughout the process is to implement a new type of technology and observe student achievement and engagement. From that concept, I matured my thesis question to sample student achievement and engagement through a myriad of interactive multimedia technology.

I decided to use a sample of 48 students in my two Business Publications, Presentations and Multimedia high school course. One of my courses will be designated as the control or traditional educational deliver class and the other will be my interactive multimedia delivery methods class. My goal is measure the effectiveness and level of engagements caused by new interactive forms of multimedia. Teaching this diverse subject class, I am exposing students to varying forms of multimedia. Some are presented in traditional forms through PowerPoint while others only allow instruction to be done in the form of direct instruction. I plan on measuring student achievement and level of engagement through the following formats:

Student interviews

Conduct student interviews with select students with various level of cognitive ability to understand which type of instructional delivery they understood the most. The interviews will be scheduled before and after new technology is implemented to get a sense of overall student excitement and baseline level of engagement.

Student surveys

All students will be given a beginning survey and an ending survey. I want to establish a class wide baseline level of engagement. Additionally, I envision the questions to be a mixture of open and closed ended questions allowing for students to express their true feelings. The surveys will be anonymous to remove bias from the teacher. To differentiate between the two classes, one class will receive the survey electronically and the other through traditional formats.

Measuring Student Achievement Through Testing

Projects and benchmark exams will be compared against the classes that did not receive interactive multimedia instruction. By measuring student achievement through the quality of finished assignments, I can also assess their level of engagement while the tests and projects are taking place. While time is given to complete projects, student engagement can be measured through creativeness of projects, depth of questions, and independence throughout the assignment.

I feel that by offering various forms of technology, the different groups will allow me to obtain a valid sample of students. My classes are diverse and represent the diversity existing in my school and surrounding community in regards to race, social grouping, and cognitive ability. While the data implementation is continuing to evolve, I feel that the action research portion of my thesis allows for an interesting and unique approach to evaluating the effectiveness of interactive multimedia technology.