Rationale for Study

The dynamics of education balances between a teacher’s ability to capture their students’ intellect and obtaining the maximum cognitive level of engagement. My desire to pursue education as a career and lifestyle stems from the unique dynamics that education offers. I strongly believe that obtaining the vital balance education needs is achieved by integrating technology that is both groundbreaking and engaging. The combination has the ability to offer my students an opportunity to learn in new styles not yet presented in their educational career. Additionally, technology has the ability to present challenges to our students and offer them problem-solving skills relevant to their continued success in academic or the global workforce.

My study of interactive multimedia covers an array of topics from little known open source projects to tech giants such as Google. The study will contain personal experiences, peer adaptation results and analogies of best practices to implement new technology in diverse classrooms. My goal is to provide all teachers with an opportunity to investigate new and practical ways to integrate interactive multimedia. My hope is that all students can benefit from the technology to allow them to feel more connected to the material.

I entered education after a short career in accounting. While at my firm, I quickly became the technology guru and would assist clients and peers with establishing engaging technology. Within two years I realized that accounting was limiting my ability to pursue my true passion. Throughout the past nine years I have had the privilege of instructing in diverse climates promoting education in leadership. I work as an outdoor educator instructing on expedition teaching skills relating to rock-climbing and backpacking. I realized that true glue holding together my passions at opposite ends of the spectrum, technology and the wilderness, was education. My passion to educate people about the outdoors is just as strong as bringing people indoors to educate them about technology. It is education that binds the passion into a reality.

Technology plays an integral role in my classroom. I currently teach high school students Microsoft Office, Web Design, and Business Publications, Presentations and Multimedia. The courses I teach demand a level of technology unique from traditional courses. My room consists of a SmartBoard, an InFocus Interactive Multimedia Projector, 24 computers, and an army of personal Apple products. Using the various technologies in the room ignites my students’ levels of engagement because it adds a level of ownership to the lessons. The new technologies that can potentially be implemented into high school computer courses is staggering. Opposition comes in many form including administration, teachers and information technology departments. I plan to explore the journeys that teachers have taken in overcoming opposition and implementing technology that benefits the true products of education. My study stems from my passion for education, my appreciation for technology and my desire to connect learning to my students in a meaningful and extraordinary manner.